Introducing the New Currency : Pebble(s)

Pebble(s) is a currency of the Cyan Plex Server, which you could use in the Pebble Shop. You could buy membership ranks, crate keys, awesome perks and more with your Pebble(s) balance!

How to get them?

When you buy membership ranks you’ll get an instant amount of Pebbles. By opening Mythic and Epic crate you can also get a few amounts. The main economy (Taka) can be converted to Pebbles. Simply click the Pebble Merchant npc in spawn to convert them easily. Sometimes by participating in survival events, you’ll be able to get them as winning prize. And you can also purchase Pebbles from our store. To buy visit our store and choose your favourite package.

Hoping that you get an idea about Pebble(s). To know more, join on our Discord server and keep mining with Cyan Plex.

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