Welcome to the Cyan Plex rules page! This page is designed to make understanding our rules simple and easy. Rules are expected to be followed by all users, regardless of their rank or time played on the server.

As the owner of your Minecraft account, you are responsible for what happens while you are logged onto Cyan Plex. If a rule is broken during your time online you'll be punished accordingly, just like everyone else.

Our staff team works incredibly hard to keep Cyan Plex safe and enjoyable for everyone. If you find yourself being warned by a member of our team, you are expected to respect their decision and work with them to resolve the situation.

The way users conduct themselves in our chat is incredibly important, as Cyan Plex aims to be a friendly place for players of all ages. Below are examples of the kind of conduct that will result in a punishment-
  • Offensive Language & Discussion
  • Spamming & Rioting
  • Harassing & Abusing Others
  • Racism, Discrimination & Hate Speech
  • Advertising & Promotion
We expect our users to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times. Cyan Plex is designed to be a non-competitive casual game, not a place to cause havoc. Below are examples of behaviour that will result in a punishment, and remember; your account is your responsibility-
  • Stealing & Griefing
  • Unwanted PVP
  • Inappropriate Usernames & Skins
  • Lying To Staff Members
  • Multi-Accounting
Cyan Plex does not permit the use of any clients or modifications that provide an unfair advantage. If a mod gives you an unfair advantage over other players, simply don’t use it. If you are caught exploiting any bugs with the base game or our own systems, you will also be punished instantly.
  • Xray & Cave Finders
  • Non-Cosmetic Software
  • Hacked Clients
  • Duplicating Items
  • Abusing Unintentional Bugs