Clans are a way to make a team with all of your friends on the server. It will make it so if you decide to toggle on PVP, you will not be able to hit them. To create a clan, you can type the command /clan create, you will then be prompted to enter a clan name. Once you enter a clan name, you will successfully create a clan!

The more players that you have in a clan, the higher the clan level will rise. Keep this in mind if you want to grow your clan and become highly ranked among the other clans. Size matters!

You can promote members in your clan by using the command /clan promote . This will set them to a Mod rank, which will allow them to control the team roster and who joins and gets kicked from the team. If you want to demote someone, simply run the command /clan demote. This will send them down to the player role in the clan.

Useful Commands:
Command Description
/clan Display the main menu for clan commands
/clan create (clan_name) Creates a new clan with the specific name
/clan delete Deletes your current clan
/clan invite (username) Invites a player to join your clan
/clan kick (username) Removes a player from your clan
/clan leave Leaves your current clan
/clan promote (username) Promotes a player to a higher rank within your clan
/clan demote (username) Demotes a player to a lower rank within your clan
/untrust all Revokes all the players trusted in your claim
/abandonclaim Deletes the claim you are standing on
/abandonallclaims Deletes all your claims
/trustlist Provides players with a list of the players trusted for the claim you are standing on
/trapped Teleports away a trapped player in a claim