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Introducing the New Currency : Pebble(s)

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Event : Catch That Fish 🐠

Result: In Game NameRemarksminitasin30akronman127jawad25Cypher1821Sajid22221azan18AlcItachi15Hollow_not_found7 Event Management Team: TANJIL87ARIFLEX69 TasuGamingTowhid007Spakeyt4174875 Details about the…

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Event : Shoot the Sheep

Result: In Game NameRemarksTheOrgSiyam14Orochi10LosXsifat9AlcITACHI8GamingWithJisan8akimbo8digontoahsan8Upcoming7Fake_Samy7 Glator7AyazPlayzBG7Not_emon6 Tashfia94706FarhanUltimate6Goku9996Cream85835SussyEthanBaka5Nihal_Gaming5 (disconnected)sparkeyt41748754champ2 (kicked) Towhid0072 (died in lava)Sunjun9t6(kicked)…

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Survival Season 06 Released!

Greetings Miners and Crafters! It's time for us to reveal the next…

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