Cyan Plex | Community Feedback Form

This form has been created to gather feedback over the last week this server has been open. We want players to tell us their favorite aspects, least favorite aspects and things they think would make the server better for everyone.

This first category is for generic questions. You do not have to answer these questions if you are not comfortable doing so.
This category is to survey players how long they have been playing the server & how often.
This category is for players to tell us what they think is the best & worst features of the server.
This category is where players can give their general feedback on the server & suggestions on what we could change/add.

Note: Please keep suggestions serious & please keep in mind in order for a suggestion to be implemented, it needs to be something that would greatly improve the gameplay for everyone & adds content to the server. Small changes such as price changes in /shop just to get more money or to make things cheaper is NOT what we are looking for. Config changes that change message appearances/gui appearances is also not what we are looking for.

Long story short: We are looking for suggestions that could help add to the existing gameplay or improve it.
This is the last of the questions. Anything extra you wish to mention can be said here. Thank you ❤

Thanks for Your