Welcome to Cyan Plex!

Greetings, miners and crafters! As a team, we are incredibly excited for you to learn more about Cyan Plex! There are many exciting features we wish we could show you, but for now we’ll start with an introduction of Cyan Plex.

Who Are We?

Cyan Plex is a Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition (cross) server that has been in development for some time now, created by a carefully-crafted team of individuals who are best at what they do. Our collective goal is to offer the highest quality content you have seen in Minecraft multiplayer, while still keeping that classic vanilla touch that we’ve all grown to love so much.

What Will Cyan Plex Offer?

Deciding on a “game mode” for a multiplayer server is quite the challenging task to overcome. Many factors come in to play, like what is most popular? What has the longest lifespan?

We provide you semi-vanilla survival multiplayer, bed-wars, kit-pvp and various types of mini games.

We hope you are as excited as we are for Cyan Plex, and we thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us! To stay up to date be sure to follow our social media platforms, jump in the Discord and have a chat!

– Cyan Plex Team

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